An empire shattered, a galaxy in turmoil
The fate of the Hiigarans is in your hands

Built on the highly modifiable Homeworld 2 engine, Homeworld2: Dustwars offers RTS fans a breathtaking journey across the Homeworld galaxy. Semi-newtonian physics, system-wide battles and an advanced AI will require players to utilise advanced tactical maneuvers across all 3 dimensions of space to gain the advantage and ultimately, to survive.

Pax Hiigara, 140 years after the Exodus Wars. The Emperor is dying, and with no heir found by the Codex the power of Hiigara is waning. As tension between Pax Hiigara and the Tobari pirate kingdoms escalates, all contact with the Rimward fleet is lost. From the Tobari comes news of Nalthor's destruction, and soon the situation degenerates into all out war as an unknown enemy strikes into the heart of the Galactic Council, and with it Pax Hiigara.


  • Engage in large scale battles never before seen in Homeworld games
  • Advanced AI reacts to your every move, and utilises 3D movement to gain the advantage
  • Innovative Capital-Centric-Warfare model simplifies fleet management
  • Focus on outsmarting and engaging the enemy with the new reinforcement system, which does away with resource gathering
  • Semi-Newtonian physics model brings the realism of space warfare to you without impacting on gameplay
  • Vastly updated graphics from Homeworld2
  • An epic storyline that melds emotions, politics, betrayals and epic battles in one
  • 6 playable races in skirmish and multiplayer
  • PC